Feel free to request a small, well crafted sound demo for your game.
 I do music, sfx, character voices and other stuff for video games.
Listen to my favorite stuff I made for arcade kiddy ride and arcade water gun:



Here’s a menu theme for PC game “Carrotting Brain” (early Alpha on Steam)

And that’s how I do sound for video adverts for apps:


I worked or am currently working for: Picadilla Games, b-Interaktive, Silesia Games, Studio Gier, WiK, Thinking Rabbit, Raving Bots and more on mobile, pc and arcade games and video adverts for them.
They were like:
“Able to extract the true meaning out our clumsy words and craft it into a great piece of music”

“Great communication, dedication and, most importantly, true talent.”

“The game is average but the music is awesome!”